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Alsobrooks Announces Education Policy, Puts Focus Back on Children, Teachers



For Immediate Release:
April 5, 2018

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Joy Russell
Campaign Director
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– Surrounded by educators, parents and students, Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks, a candidate for County Executive, unveiled her education policy during an event at her campaign headquarters this afternoon.

“For the last 20 years, I have been in a public school in our county. From adopting one as a brand new prosecutor in 1997 to serving as the Education Liaison in the County Executive’s Office and then being able to work with students and teachers as State’s Attorney with our anti-truancy initiative, our Teen Court Program and speaking at career days, graduations and many other events, I have gotten to know so many principals, teachers and students, that I am proud to call friends,” Alsobrooks said. “My education policy is one that I believe will ensure that our teachers have the resources they need to effectively work with our students, our parents have the access to resources they need that will allow them to be more involved with their children’s education and ensures that our students come to school ready to learn in an environment that is conducive to doing so.”

The highlights of Alsobrooks education policy include:

  • Supporting Teachers: Reducing bureaucracy so they can do their jobs; Bringing their pay on par with surrounding jurisdictions; Ensuring that funding flows into classrooms so teachers aren’t paying for school supplies out of their own pockets; Developing a process to clear the backlog of teachers on administrative leave.
  • School Readiness: Making sure that our students are ready to learn when they enter our public schools by investing in early literacy and pre-kindergarten education.
  • College and Career Readiness: Ensuring that students interested in pursuing a higher education degree are well-prepared and, in some cases, have a head start on that degree.
  • Career and Technical Education: A vibrant Career and Technical Education program demonstrates that, as a county, we are willing to work with employers to develop a pipeline of highly skilled workers to meet their hiring needs. This is a strong incentive for employers to consider establishing a location our county. We need schools with dedicated, comprehensive CTE programs in addition to programs that are part of an existing school’s curriculum. Maryland recently created new financial aid programs for students seeking community college training opportunities, as well as state credits for employers who create apprenticeship programs. We can replicate this financial aid program at the county level.
  • Character Education: Character education taught in classrooms that reinforces the lessons parents teach at home by emphasizing good values and behavior.
  • Partnerships with Higher Education Institutions: Working closely with the University of Maryland, Bowie State, and the Prince George’s Community College to have them more involved and invested in our county’s public education system.
  • Expanding Successful Programs: Multiplying successful programs to include looking at more K-8 schools, middle college programs and opportunities to have social workers in every school.
  • Better Transportation: Must improve bus system that fails often with busses that don’t show up and sometimes drop children off at the wrong locations.
  • State Funding, School Construction and Renovation: Working with partners in Annapolis to ensuring county is getting fair share of education resources to include funding from gaming that is above and beyond the normal state required funding and to ensure that the recommendations from the Kirwan Commission, that could bring up to $500 million additional funding with the change to the formula for how state required funding is calculated, are implemented.

In the coming weeks, Alsobrooks plans to announce policies in additional areas including economic development, the environment, quality of life and public safety.

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Alsobrooks Leads in Fundraising for County Executive Race

Alsobrooks Leads in Fundraising for County Executive Race

Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks has stated she’s serious about her run for county executive. And judging by campaign finance reports filed last month, she wasn’t joking.

In the past year, Alsobrooks raised $777,000 and has about $983,000 cash on hand. She had $508,000 in the bank before she began to raise money Jan. 12, 2017.

Alsobrooks Way Ahead of the Fundraising Field in Prince George’s Executive Race

Alsobrooks Way Ahead of the Fundraising Field in Prince George’s Executive Race

Prince George’s State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks has a large fundraising lead among Democrats vying to become the next county executive, according to campaign finance reports filed this week.

Alsobrooks netted more than $770,000 in donations in 2017. Coupled with her campaign accounts from previous years, that gives her nearly $1 million in the bank — nearly seven times as much as her nearest competitor.

The Numbers Don’t Lie, Team Alsobrooks Support is Strong


The Numbers Don’t Lie, Team Alsobrooks Support is Strong


Later today, the Friends of Angela Alsobrooks will file their 2018 Annual Campaign Finance Report that details an astounding $984,000 on hand and over $770,000 raised since January 12, 2017.
When asked about the results, Alsobrooks said:

“I am extremely proud of these results, my team, and this campaign. I was raised to embrace the importance of hard work, and it is hard work that has produced these results. The strength of our campaign is more than just a dollar amount.  Our strength comes from the trust and relationships we’ve built as we traveled across this great county touching a wide range of people. The strength of our campaign comes from those we serve knowing that we work hard on their behalf and that we will continue to do so as County Executive.  
I am most proud of the incredible grassroots support our hard work has yielded in our communities.  We’ve visited churches and schools, have attended many community and homeowner’s association meetings, and have even had impromptu listening sessions at the 7-eleven and many other places. Additionally, numerous families have opened their homes, hosting meetings in their living rooms, so we could address challenges specific to their communities. Everyone has had a seat at our table and that will continue.
I often say, don’t judge me by my words but by the work I have done.  The same holds true here: don’t judge our support by a dollar amount, but by the work we did casting a wide net to earn the support of a broad base of county residents. Together, we will fulfill the promise of Prince George’s County.”

Key Figures From the 2018 Friends of Angela Alsobrooks (FOAA) Annual Campaign Finance Report:

  • FOAA has $984,064 Cash on Hand
  • FOAA raised $777,115.61 Between January 12, 2017-January 10, 2018.
  • FOAA received more than 2,000 contributions from over 1,600 people.
  • Almost 1,200 donations (56%) to FOAA were $100 or less.
  • 65 percent of total donations came from individual donors, as opposed to businesses.
  • 97 percent of donations to FOAA are from the DMV, with more than 65 percent of those donations coming from Prince George’s County.