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As County Executive, Angela Alsobrooks will provide greater support and funding for youth sports in Prince George’s County.

“Youth sports instill the values of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication in our young people. They simultaneously strengthen the fabric of our community as they bring parents, families and friends together. As County Executive, I will insist on a comprehensive plan for well funded and organized youth sports, including existing programs, that prioritizes children, parents, coaches, & volunteers.

-Angela Alsobrooks


  • Substantially increase funding to existing community youth sports organizations.
  • Centralize and streamline scheduling of all Prince George’s County publicly-owned fields, facilities and gyms. Let’s put an end to the frustrating and disorganized facility scheduling of the public school system.
  • Create and maintain a central database and website of all sports organizations, leagues, boys & girls clubs, & teams in the county so parents can easily find opportunities for their children.
  • Create close partnerships between our county’s youth sports organizations, the University of Maryland and Bowie State University.
  • Diversify sports offerings across the county to include all collegiate scholarship sports that are currently not widely available–lacrosse, volleyball, field hockey, swimming, etc.
  • Dedicate fundraising personnel to assist youth athletic organizations with foundation grant applications and other fundraising.
  • Seek public private partnerships to build more high quality indoor and outdoor sports facilities in Prince George’s County.
The Numbers Don’t Lie, Team Alsobrooks Support is Strong


The Numbers Don’t Lie, Team Alsobrooks Support is Strong


Later today, the Friends of Angela Alsobrooks will file their 2018 Annual Campaign Finance Report that details an astounding $984,000 on hand and over $770,000 raised since January 12, 2017.
When asked about the results, Alsobrooks said:

“I am extremely proud of these results, my team, and this campaign. I was raised to embrace the importance of hard work, and it is hard work that has produced these results. The strength of our campaign is more than just a dollar amount.  Our strength comes from the trust and relationships we’ve built as we traveled across this great county touching a wide range of people. The strength of our campaign comes from those we serve knowing that we work hard on their behalf and that we will continue to do so as County Executive.  
I am most proud of the incredible grassroots support our hard work has yielded in our communities.  We’ve visited churches and schools, have attended many community and homeowner’s association meetings, and have even had impromptu listening sessions at the 7-eleven and many other places. Additionally, numerous families have opened their homes, hosting meetings in their living rooms, so we could address challenges specific to their communities. Everyone has had a seat at our table and that will continue.
I often say, don’t judge me by my words but by the work I have done.  The same holds true here: don’t judge our support by a dollar amount, but by the work we did casting a wide net to earn the support of a broad base of county residents. Together, we will fulfill the promise of Prince George’s County.”

Key Figures From the 2018 Friends of Angela Alsobrooks (FOAA) Annual Campaign Finance Report:

  • FOAA has $984,064 Cash on Hand
  • FOAA raised $777,115.61 Between January 12, 2017-January 10, 2018.
  • FOAA received more than 2,000 contributions from over 1,600 people.
  • Almost 1,200 donations (56%) to FOAA were $100 or less.
  • 65 percent of total donations came from individual donors, as opposed to businesses.
  • 97 percent of donations to FOAA are from the DMV, with more than 65 percent of those donations coming from Prince George’s County.