There are four words that capture who I am and what I want to accomplish if given the opportunity to serve as your County Executive: experience, innovation, collaboration and solutions.


EXPERIENCE. A county executive has a solemn obligation to make government work for citizens. That means running an effective county administration that uses our tax dollars wisely to deliver the services we need.    As State’s Attorney, I made sure my agency worked for the people of Prince George’s County.

For over ten years in government service, I have consistently delivered quality results at the pace citizens pay for and deserve. If given the opportunity to serve as your county executive, I will always govern with this same sense of urgency.



INNOVATION. “Because we’ve always done it that way” is not an acceptable governing philosophy. We must challenge the status quo if things aren’t working or aren’t working as well as they should.  My approach to government is to consistently reexamine how we operate to make sure that we are doing things not just the usual way but the right way.We will judge our progress by our results and not simply by how much we spend to address a problem. For example, with regard to public education, the quality of our children’s education and the progress of our students will be our measuring stick, not simply the budget we approve.  I will also look to other jurisdictions for examples of how they have implemented ideas to achieve results, particularly in areas where we know we need to improve.  As State’s Attorney, I worked closely with the University of Maryland to analyze how implicit bias affects the decisions of our police officers so that we could better fight discrimination in policing. As County Executive, I will continue to work with our educational institutions, such as the University of Maryland, Bowie State University and our Community College to improve our operations, develop better policies and save tax payer dollars.



COLLABORATION. I have always believed that a leader can’t serve others unless they are present and listening. As State’s Attorney, I found purpose and joy in meeting with you, my neighbors, and learning what was most important to you. You will always know how to reach me and I will always be there for you and your family. That is who I am, and that is how I would serve as your county executive.  I would ensure that the government is front and center in all parts of the County and will, as I have as State’s Attorney, continue to be active and listening. As part of this effort, every month I plan to designate a different area of the County as “county seat for a day” so that we are regularly bringing all of county government to every neighborhood to listen and to learn.  I will lead up, not down. I am not going to be negative and tear others down to get things done. I will continue to work across communities, collaborate with all stakeholders and find common ground and purpose. I will act as a bridge between diverse positions and stakeholders and I will work with anyone, regardless of their position or political affiliation to get the job done for Prince George’s County.



SOLUTIONS. As we confront each of the issues discussed below, I will hold people accountable and demand real action. We will make the changes we need to make to deliver on our promises, and we will never settle for anything less. I take pride in the fact that I have run a large agency, the State’s Attorney’s Office, for over 7 years, and before that, the Revenue Authority for 4 years. I know what it takes to drive change, to hire the right staff, to hold people accountable, to be responsive to the community and to make sure that a government is running well. These skills are essential for accomplishing our goals, and I will use them as County Executive to make sure that we are moving with a sense of urgency in everything we do.  I am a problem solver. As opposed to someone who simply identifies the problem, but doesn’t offer a solution and who doesn’t have a track record of getting things done, I am proud of the accomplishments I have made as State’s Attorney and I look forward to discussing my vision for how we can provide real solutions to the issues that hold our County back from reaching its full potential.