As State’s Attorney I am proud of my record on protecting our seniors. As I have always said, if you hurt a child or senior, you and I will have a problem. That is why I assigned a prosecutor solely to focus on elder abuse and other crimes against our seniors and we were the first State’s Attorney’s Office in the state to do so. We also participated in Senior Law Day and many other community activities that allowed us to talk directly to seniors about scams and crimes to watch out for, how to protect themselves and what to do if they believed that they were a victim or potential victim.

Our senior citizens are the bedrock of our communities. Frequently they are the people most engaged in local affairs, who attend local civic meetings, and take great pride and care in the quality of their community. I appreciate their service to the community and recognize their collective wisdom and experience.

Whether it is meeting their health care needs or assisting seniors’ care givers, as County Executive—and as the proud daughter of two County senior citizens–I will always care deeply about our senior community and its unique concerns.

I have made it a point to be a presence in our senior community and I treasure the time I have been able to spend. If you take the time to sit down and talk, they’ll share the lessons learned on their journey.

Our seniors possess knowledge that is a vital resource to Prince George’s County. This is why I want to work to create and maintain relationships between our youth and our seniors. All ages, but especially the young, can learn firsthand from our seniors.

    Property tax payments can place a burden on our seniors living on a fixed income. We must take steps to ensure that growing assessments don’t price seniors out of their homes.

  • Likewise, seniors who rent should not be not priced out of their homes.
  • The new University of Maryland Medical System Regional Medical Facility is key to rebuilding our primary care network to address the health care needs of our senior citizens.
  • I am on guard and will fight any attempt by the Trump Administration to roll back the medical safety net our senior citizens deserve.
  • No one should live in fear and that is especially true for those who have given our country and our community so much. Our county police are committed to engaging our senior community and providing the protection needed.
  • Many of our seniors have served our country in our armed forces. I will ensure that the county welcomes veterans and continues to offer the services they need.
  • I want our seniors’ concerns to be front and center in the deliberations of my administration. I will have an employee, located directly in the County Executive’s office, whose sole focus will be senior issues of importance. They will gather and promote our County’s senior resources through an easy to navigate website
  • These terrible diseases reverberate through communities, impacting the patient, as well as their dedicated family members–and often friends–who provide care.
  • I will coordinate the county’s efforts with all of our stakeholders: public safety, our faith community, health care, legal and financial services as well as local government, to ensure that Prince George’s County is doing everything it can to ensure positive outcomes for people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s. I want residents to live in their own homes and community for as long as possible
  • A vigorous, active Senior Corps allows seniors to share their talent, skills, experience and their guidance with all of the County’s communities
  • Foster grandparents offer the regular attention that young people need to grow and gain self-confidence. This can take the form of mentorship and engagement within our school system.